Thrive 365

THRIVE 365! –THRIVING always, in all areas of life!

Our vision at Word Tabernacle is Everyone Thriving, and we are committed to helping each other THRIVE. Because we realize that encouragement, support, and accountability are essential in thriving, we have started THRIVE365!, and we invite you to join! It is a movement designed to connect you with other like-minded individuals who are committed to thriving in their faith, family, finances, and fitness, to the glory of God.

How does THRIVE365! work?


Participants will:

1. decide to THRIVE, committing to THRIVE365!

2. complete weekly e-THRIVE form, reporting efforts in the areas of faith, family, finances, and fitness. You may also access the form here!

3. be placed in a quarterly drawing for prizes and recognition.

All participants will be highlighted and acknowledged in the monthly newsletter!


To maximize the THRIVE365! experience, it is highly recommended that participants:

1. Download the YouVersion Bible app. YouVersion

     a. Add Word Tabernacle Church as a friend.

     b. Participate in weekly devotionals.

2. Download the MyFitness PAL app  MyFitnessPal

     a. Add Word Tabernacle Church as a friend.

     b. Participate in weekly fitness challenges.

     c. Log daily fitness activity

     d. Keep a food journal

     e. Log water intake

     f. Share healthy recipes

3. Join a THRIVE group 

    a. Go to WTC small groups webpage and find a discipleship group to join