The Impact Center

The Impact Center is both an organization and a collaborative of service providers. Our philosophy is in belief that a holistic environment is the best shaper of people’s lives. TIC offers a community-wide transformation of human, economic, and community development with evidenced-based practices to support the shared goals of a thriving community by:

· Building a comprehensive cradle to career solution for each individual within the community

· Integrating programs and breaking down agency “silos” so that solutions are implemented across agencies

· Developing a local infrastructure and capacity of institutions across the region.

The Impact Center (TIC) exists to provide the places, partnerships, programs, and paradigms that enable people to progress.


Our goal is to produce citizens who are critical thinkers, capable learners, and community contributors who commit to long-lasting, life-changing behaviors. This is accomplished by placing emphasis on spiritual, social, and scholastic vitality as the drivers of economic vitality. These outcomes are measured in part by high school graduation rates, parental involvement, employment skills, and decreased childhood obesity. TIC seeks to address the issues of disconnected development, single parenting, increased drug and alcohol use amongst youth, childhood obesity, health disparities, education disparities, an unprepared workforce, and adverse generational lifestyle choices placing emphasis on spiritual, social, and scholastic.

The Impact Center have networked with the following agencies to engage their cooperation, referrals, support, and use of their serves.

· 20,000+ people served

· 1,000+ volunteer opportunities

· 1,000+ children served

· 2,200+ families served

· 125+ construction jobs

· 100+ permanent jobs

· $8 m annual economic impact (automobile transportation, entertainment/recreation, food service, retail trade, and lodging)

· Cannon Foundation

· Mims Foundation

· Walmart Foundation

· Bailey’s Jewelry

We support colleges, the community college system, workforce development boards, and large employers with a greater flexibility in the creation of a skilled workforce, access to the individuals most in need of skills development and employment, and partnerships for specialized institutes and internships.

 Take a look at our facility and structural layouts.

For more Information about The Impact Center call us at 252-442-2925.