Small Groups

Everyone Growing

Small Groups are a system of connecting people to a deeper relationship with Christ and stronger bonds with the Community. They are an opportunity for members to do deep dives into scripture, ask questions, and engage in relevant opportunities for their lives. We feel that they make a big church small, and create security and connectivity. 

Thrive Groups

Thrive Groups help people THRIVE in life by equipping them to grow deeper in Christ while growing closer together.

Thrive Groups are centered around teaching Biblical doctrine and developing Biblical relationships and ongoing community.

  • For WTC members only

  • Gather bi-weekly

  • Consistent attendance commitment

  • Designed for engagement and building relationships during and between gatherings

  • Group members become mentors, friends, and like a second family. You “share life” together.

  • Determined by age, gender, and marital status

Church At Study Groups

Church at Study (CAS) small groups help Christians connect to the Church and grow spiritually while providing fellowship.

Church at Study: Ongoing small groups that are open to members and the community. The hope is that people will attend each week but there is no time commitment. These groups are flexible but also aim to help develop community while growing in Christ.

  • Gathers weekly

  • No “ongoing” commitment for attendance or frequency of attendance

  • Content: See the Info & Resources

  • Determined by age preference

  • Open to non-members

Become A Small Group Facilitator

Interested in becoming a Small Group Facilitator?

  • You don’t have to be an expert in theology! You just have to be a maturing believer who loves Jesus and people!

  • Facilitators receive training, equipping, and ongoing support from other facilitators and church leadership

  • Must be WTC members

Do you have questions or need help?

Small Groups are developed as people show interest in joining them and as we train people to facilitate them. You can read above to understand the differences between Church at Study and Thrive Groups, the two types of small groups we offer.

You can explore the Thrive Group and Church at Study pages to find the group for you! If you do not see a group that works for you or if there are no groups open or ready to be joined, you can fill out the Small Group Interest Form and someone will be in contact with you to help you through the process! 

Contact Kyle Johnson at or 252-316-8312 for more information.