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From the Desk of our Senior Pastor earlier this year he shared a dream! ....It is my dream that when we do return back to our building, we return into our Center for Performing Arts & Worship (CPA&W). The CPA&W will seat 2,000 people, be furnished with an audio, video and lighting package to rival some of the finest public venues in our nation. The lobby will greet you with a uniquely designed water feature. This will be a space you will not want to leave. Most importantly we would have given our community the gift of an anchor asset that would provide a place to hold trade shows, concerts, health fairs, talent shows, civic events, community fund raisers, political debates, job fairs, and so much more.  

And I told them of the hand of my God that had been upon me for good, and also of the words that the king had spoken to me. And they said, “Let us rise up and build.” So they strengthened their hands for the good work. Nehemiah 2:18

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The dream can become a reality. We can do this together!

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