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Rethinking The Church

Living and Loving A Series On Relationships

The book of First John contains some life changing principles on how to live and love. Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love. Since February has been coined the month of "Love", what better way to celebrate love than by living and loving the way God intended us to. 

Gifts That Never Wear Out

As we enter a season know for gift giving, people look for gifts that are made to last. But God has given us a gift that will never wear out. Listen as Pastor Gailliard teaches about the gifts of the bible that never wear out.

Jonah: God of Another Chance

What can Jonah teach us?  From Jonah we can learn the

  • Warning signs to missing God's will
  • How to recover from a bad start
  • When God turns it around
  • Praying your way out
  • And much more!

Do you know who you are? The series will discuss the impact and the implications of knowing who you are.  After this series you will be able to identify with the "I am" statements which can be applied over your life.

Relationship Rehab

Relationships are hard.  But with Christ no relationship is impossible.  Dive into this relationship series and watch your relationships start to thrive!

It's A Miracle

Are you expecting a miracle from the Lord? Listen to this series as Pastor Gailliard teaches us about the miracles for us from our Father.