WTC Counseling

What is Christian Counseling? It is counseling in which the bible is used to address the issues in lives of individuals, youth, couples, and families. Biblical counseling is both practical and effective. Unlike other types of counseling, it focuses on the entire person which includes the spiritual, physical, emotional, and the social being of individuals. A core principle of Christian counseling is helping individuals align their thinking to that of the will of God and to recognize and remove the tactics being used against them.

WTC Counseling Team? The team has certified counselors with degrees in many counseling areas who have combined that knowledge with Biblical principles to meet the needs of our community. Our director is Ms. Kim Maryland. She has numerous years of experience in the Counseling Field. We also have Mental Health Coaches who have gone through extensive training.

How Do I Access Services? If you are interested in services, please email us at or call 252-210-3434. After contact has been made, we will arrange a time to meet and develop a plan to accommodate your needs.

Cost? The counseling services at WTC are free to members and non-members.

Confidentiality? All information is kept private and confidential unless there is potential harm to self or others. All state laws are observed when reporting abuse and/or neglect of the disabled, children, and elderly.