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The REACH (Responsive Empowerment Assistance to Cooperating Households) Center exists to provide empowerment tools to individuals and families, equipping them to thrive in every area of life. We believe in a holistic development model which focuses on critical areas of life development. These include education, employment, financial, health, housing, mental health, recreation, relationships, spirituality, transportation, addictions, legal, and community service. Read one of the many testimonials we receive regularly.

by Trishonda Roberson on December 02, 2019

Ann arrived early for her appointment. She sat on the couch in the waiting area patiently quiet with her head down and making no eye contact. We could tell that she was listening as one of the volunteers was sharing with us her own personal journey. We glanced over to see streams of tears rolling down her face as she tried to wipe them away before anyone noticed. It was apparent that Ann was in pain. Not physical, but deep emotional pain. What was it that the volunteer said that resonated such a response? We knew, at that very moment, receiving assistance for her utility bill was not the priority, caring for her emotional needs were.

The vision of The REACH Center is to make people and communities whole by providing empowerment tools to individuals and families, equipping them to thrive in every area of life. While most individuals come to us seeking relief with an immediate financial need (rent, utilities, prescription medications, food), it is important for us to assess what other areas may be hindering them from obtaining true self-sufficiency. This is why we  believe in a holistic development model that focuses on assessing 15 critical areas of life such as education, employment, housing, health, transportation, and more. The REACH Center offers various programs and services around effective parenting, alleviating poverty, workforce preparedness, coaching/personal development, health and wellness, education, and domestic violence/human trafficking preventing.

Ann, like many others who walk through our doors, needed more than check, she needed someone to walk alongside her. Someone who would listen, not judge, and help her to take the steps towards self-sufficiency. It is our deepest desire to transform lives. The REACH Center is about empowering individuals who, in turn, go out and empower others. This is how we THRIVE as a family!

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