Thrive Groups

Let the message about the Messiah dwell richly among you, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom, and singing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs, with gratitude in your hearts to God.
Colossians 3:16


We are committed to helping each other THRIVE here at Word Tabernacle.  We realize at times all of us may need help, support, or just encouragement in order to grow as the Lord would have us to.  This is why we have THRIVE groups.  These groups are designed to connect you with other like minded individuals so that we all can THRIVE together.  If there is an area where you would like to grow in or just be encouraged in connect with us, any of the groups would love to have you.


Faith THRIVE groups help us grow in by learning the Word of God. Whether you are new to the faith and have been a disciple for a while we all can continue to grow in this area. One of the easiest ways to connect in this area is to attend one of our weekly bible studies on Monday 12 noon or Tuesday 7pm - there is no registration required to attend, just show up we would love to meet you!

Family THRIVE groups focuses on the health of a family. There are groups that help with pre-marital counseling, marital counseling, wife encouragement, single support, parenting, brotherhood fellowship, grief counseling, and divorce care.  You don't have to feel alone in your family role, their are many of us just like you.  Even if family life is great connect and fellowship with others who feel the same way.  Check our event calendar for upcoming family THRIVE group events.

Fitness THRIVE groups focuses on taking care of the body.  We offer multiple fitness activities you can participate in.  Your fitness THRIVE focus does not have to be weight loss it can be maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Also you can learn good principles on healthy eating.  When wanting to THRIVE in the area of fitness it is often a great idea to have a partner. Check our events calendar for a group that works best you, we will partner with you!

Financial THRIVE groups help us learn the principles of better money management.  Money is not a subject people always like to discuss but great money tips are!  Connect with one of our financial THRIVE groups to start thriving in your finances.



start living the "thrive life"

Connect with others headed in the same direction as you - to thrive in the areas of Faith, Family, Fitness and Finance!

THRIVE Group Events