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Gray hair is a crown of glory; it is gained in a righteous life.
  ~Proverbs 16:31
Service Areas



Join other seniors who are having fun serving.  Below is a list of a few areas seniors are serving in.

Service Areas
Altar Counselors

This ministry provides counseling to those who respond to the altar call, drawing along side of the decision maker to minister to them.


This ministry plans, organizes, and oversees food preparation and service for fellowship meals, special luncheons, and dinners as well as working with the Hospitality Ministry when events involve meals.


This ministry provides a clean environment that is appealing to the eye and sanitary for all who come to worship and grow.

Mass Choir

This ministry leads the congregation into God's presence through worship and praise with selections that are biblical, participatory, and celebratory to enhance our worship experience. The choir serves to set the tone in worship to invite the Holy Spirit in to break and destroy yokes of bondage and to set the people of God free.

Wise Warriors

This ministry plans and organizes one special activity a month for Senior Adults to promote ministry to one another and include fun, fellowship, and encouragement.


Not Sure where to serve?

Check out a list of opportunities just awaiting for you to join in!

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Small Groups


Join the seniors at Word for a time of fellowship and study. Our fellowship includes travel, volunteer and encouragement. If you are a senior and would like to join us please reach out to us we would love to have you.

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