And he said to them, Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.   ~Mark 16:15
Service Areas



Service Areas
Altar Counselors

This ministry provides counseling to those who respond to the altar call, drawing along side of the decision maker to minister to them.

Baptism Ordinance Team

This ministry assists baptismal candidate in preparing for baptism and ensuring an orderly event when baptisms take place.

Communion Ordinance Team

This ministry prepares the Lord’s Supper once a month for communion.

Ensembles and Soloists

This ministry equips new and current vocalist with fundamentals in effective music ministry. Soloist/ensembles will be selected in the future to render special music for requested events.


This evangelism ministry seeks to be witnesses for CHRIST through WORD and WORKS in our community so that the world may know HIM.


This ministry ensures that every person entering the church is greeted and that visitors are offered appropriate assistance so that everyone feels important and welcomed.

Deaf Ministry

This ministry interprets sermons, songs, announcements, and other communication during church services and occasionally during special visits with deaf members.

Insight Drama

This ministry provides a fresh and enlightening spin to the traditional Sunday sermon by taking written words and breathing life into them.


This ministry gives honor to God by ministering in unity and assisting in leading worship & praise, while placing focus on God and supporting those ministering before us.

Intercessary Prayer

This ministry intercedes in prayer for the Sunday Worship Services and praying continually and consistently for a great variety of needs.

Mass Choir

This ministry leads the congregation into God's presence through worship and praise with selections that are biblical, participatory, and celebratory to enhance our worship experience. The choir serves to set the tone in worship to invite the Holy Spirit in to break and destroy yokes of bondage and to set the people of God free.

Member Assimilation

This ministry assists members by recommending areas of service based on Spiritual Gifts Inventories. We help members identify and understand their gifts and how they can be used in ministry. We also advise members of ministry opportunities within the church and related ministries.

New Member Orientation

This ministry provides new members orientation classes for Adults, High School Students, Lower and Middle School students. Coordinates 1st Sunday Baptism and fellowship for new members, also updates and maintains accurate membership records.

Office Development

This ministry provides administrative services to staff and all ministries. Support includes telephone service, reception area greeting, and scheduling events.

Prison Ministry

This ministry ministers to the incarcerated and to let them know that God cares, God forgives and God loves them. We endeavor to introduce these men to Jesus,who said I come not to condemn the world but to save those who are lost.


This ministry monitors traffic flow in the church and administrative areas, allowing for safe worship environments.

Sound Engineers

This ministry provides audio assistance for live and recorded events and productions.

Stronghold Keepers

This ministry serves as the first contact that members and visitors to Word Tabernacle encounter. The Keepers are in place as a presence helping to ensure the safety and security of those who come to experience God.


This ministry provides video capturing for both live and field production.


This ministry develops and implements regular programs to help meet physical needs and promote healthy living.

WordAlive Bookstore

This ministry provides a convenient resource for books, CDs, DVDs, WTC apparel, gifts and other services and merchandise.


This ministry seeks to win souls for Christ by impacting our communities as God’s disciples. We witness to the unbeliever, serve our community through outreach programs, as well as minister to each other by developing relationships through Christian fellowship


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Small Groups


Join us for weekly bible study where we examine the Word of God and learn how to apply it to our lives.  Without this vital component of study we know there would be no discipleship, no growth, no serving or any means of truly thriving. This hour of study is well worth your time.  Join Us.